Cheryl has a Bachelors degree in Human Services from Old Dominion University, and an Associates degree in Arts & Sciences from College of Southern Maryland. She has extensive experience in small businesses, education, and technology, which gives her a unique perspective and set of skills to help business owners not only obtain a quality website, but a complete branding package.


5 SEO Mistakes

It’s easy to make SEO mistakes and not even know it. Getting hit with a Google penalty is one of the worst things to happen to websites. A Google penalty means that your site will be pushed far down the search results if it appears at all. To avoid such a fate, you have to …

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8 Tips for Helping Your Business Survive the Quarantine

The novel Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic has affected virtually every person on the planet. Entire countries have closed their borders, states are on lock-down, and essentials are scarce. Many businesses have been forced to shut down (either by government regulation or economic situation) and others are limiting their customers so stringently (in accordance with guidelines …

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